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Meet our Program Director


Lisa Holt, Program Director, Canine Detection Program

Lisa brings 14 years of professional experience as a certified dog trainer to PADs. Lisa has coached more than 100 dogs and handlers in detection training. She is also a certified mentor trainer (certified to teach handlers to become trainers) and has seven years’ experience as a CNWI, an instructor detection training certification given by the National Association of Canine Scent Work. In addition to PADs training, Lisa provides Diabetes Alert Training for DAD dogs, is a certified Therapy Pet Evaluator, and a certified Treibball Training Coach. Lisa also coaches agility at the national team level, and has served on the Board of the American Treibball Association.


Lisa was the canine leader for the 4-H program on San Juan Island for 4 years. Prior to becoming a certified dog and canine detection trainer, Lisa worked as an advertising agency creative director in Seattle at one of the top 25 agencies in the Northwest and at The Cobalt Group.  Lisa has 25 plus years professional experience in advertising and marketing.


Animal Behavior Certified Trainer, Animal Behavior College

Animal Behavior Certified Mentor Trainer, Animal Behavior College

Certified Nose Work Instructor, National Association of Canine Scent Work

Therapy Pet Evaluator, Therapy Pets International

Certified American Treibball Trainer, American Treibball Association

Canine Good Citizenship Evaluator, American Kennel Club

Copywriting/Advertising Program, School of Visual Concepts


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