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Become a Sample Donor


Donor samples are at the core of the PADs canine detection program, and PADs utilizes approximately 100 samples per year from clinically-confirmed Parkinson’s Disease participants and another 100 samples from healthy human control participants. The samples are used as training aids for the dogs and are tracked and documented by number only. Donor names are kept strictly confidential and donor information is stored under lock and key, and never on the Internet.


Complete sample kits are provided to participants and can be shipped to off-site locations. Return shipping information is included in the kit. The sample kit includes a canister, instructions, data collection form, and one prewashed never worn 100% cotton T-shirt for overnight wear. The T-shirt collects any volatile organic compounds from the skin of the participant and provides the sample for the dogs to sniff. If you are interested in becoming a sample donor, please contact us.


We need your help to continue our work.

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