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PADs relies on numerous caring and dedicated volunteers to carry the mission of PADs forward. If you would like to be involved in ground-breaking research using canines as a detection tool for Parkinson’s Disease, the following opportunities are available:


Training Session Volunteer. Assisting with training sessions gives you the best seat in the house for observing the dogs as they do their detection work. As a Session Volunteer, you can help with data collection or gate stewardship. As a data collection volunteer, or scribe, you record indications of the dogs on preprinted forms. As a gate steward, you manage the flow of the dogs in and out of the facility, and help with resetting canisters during the training rounds. As a Session Volunteer, we ask that you are available to assist with training sessions on a weekly basis for one day a week while training is in session. If interested, please contact us.


Canine Handler. As a handler, you must be available to bring your own highly-motivated dog to training sessions throughout the year; manage your dog on leash; and provide proof of mandatory vaccinations. Usually, this is a commitment of approximately 125 days during a calendar year. Initial (first 90 days) of training sessions are usually 1-1/2 hours in length and then ongoing sessions are usually 30 minutes. PADs takes regular training breaks of two or more weeks for Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Holiday seasons. Training sessions are usually during morning or mid-day on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. If interested, please contact us.


On-Call Volunteer. As a volunteer on-call, you will be called upon for occasional tasks to include kit-making, envelope stuffing, event staffing, of filling in for another volunteer, provided you are available. This is a great way to be actively involved in the Program without a weekly commitment. If interested, please contact us.


Laboratory Research Volunteer. As a lab volunteer, you will assist Dr. Jack Bell, an analytical chemist, with laboratory tasks. This is a great opportunity to learn about mass spectrometry equipment and chemistry to help solve the mystery of canine detection as it applies to Parkinson’s Disease. If interested, please contact us.


Specialized Volunteers. PADs is in need of experienced volunteers to assist with yard care and facility maintenance. If interested, please contact us.


Board Members. If you are interested in helping to drive the mission of PADs from the top, and have a background specialty in marketing, science, management, finance, community outreach, canine detection, nonprofit organization, medicine, or other specialty skill, please contact us. Board Members meet monthly and meetings are open to the public.

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